Sunday, August 14, 2011

GOREGAST - Desechos Humanos CD review

GOREGAST - Desechos Humanos CD
FDA Rekotz
Genre: Death Grind
Rating: 5/5

What Hell have wrought or better yet Germany, since that's where this death grind troupe hails from and with this their third full length war continues on. They first declared it back in 2005. What's really funny is that a week or two ago I was complaining about US grind lacking in it's intensity well here's the reason why. You have bands like this all across the world kicking more ass then their friends here in the states. Hey don't get me wrong I'm not some self loathing liberal who hates his nation of birth. I love my country but I'm telling it like it is and this act kicks fuckin ass as far as Grind goes. Now just for the record GOREGAST is far from being a pure grindcore act, thank you for that, although they wear their social/political agenda on their sleeves as well as their release covers. Instead of being purists these Germans add plenty outside genre interventions such as some crust, groove and old school death metal. All combined it becomes an audio onslaught of highest proportions.

When this thing opens with the title track it's as if some giant fuckin doors have opened and the fury of Hell has been unleashed. Although it slowly walks out onto the world, looks around and then picks it's targets for destruction. After a minute it becomes no man's land. I'm talking serious annihilation here people. There's no reinvention going on either. GOREGAST pretty much keep things simple in the riff and blast beat departments. The vocals are an extreme mixed bag of growls, screams and throaty lyrical interpretations. This band just pushes the intensity up and the perfect production helps everything jump right out at you for better or worse depending on your stamina. Speaking of which this is the type of stuff to start a pit (a real slam pit) to. We do not need any of that robotic yoga crap, picking up change or what ever the fuck you kids call that death core dancing shit to this. You will be killed and then some poor bastard who works at the club will have to explain to your parents, when they come to pick you up after the show ha ha, that you died trying to do your happy dance in the midst of an GOREGAST onslaught. Then again this band wouldn't care because they hate humans.



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