Thursday, August 25, 2011

AOSOTH - III CD review

Agonia Records
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 5/5

This is only my second experience with this French blackened outfit of destruction. My last venture was with their Ashes of Angels release back in 2009, also on Agonia Records, which was the equivalent of having your head shoved into a blast furnace. I've recovered nicely since then and you can hardly notice the third degree burn scars. Although there are areas of my scalp which will never grow hair again but thanks for asking. Meanwhile this group found time to produce a few split releases in the interim. I avoided those of course but here we have the latest. In all seriousness once you've been burned by this French black metal act it's akin to being branded. Now of course for me that's a good thing since if Satan was a smoker I'd be searching for shorts from his ashtray. As for you more modern tasters of safer avant garde French BM this will burn your tiny genitals clean off. Not that you need them anyway of course but still it's a friendly warning.

On this simply titled III the Frenchmen return once again to lay down a burning spectacle of atmosphere but have upped the ante by enhancing the destruction with blackened death doom power. The band had pushed things to this level before but now it's almost a climatic surge which will have previous admirers tearing apart furnature for makeshift torches. Even though this is divided up into six individual cuts with Roman numerals as titles it all sounds to me like one continuous hostile track with slight silence separations. AOSOTH continually fire salvo after salvo of burning wrath upon the listener. During times of dissonance there's still that haunting effect being played out. This thing is like being on the receiving end of a hellstorm bombardment. Just when you think it's ended you're wrong since the enemy was merely reloading. Of course the music would not have such a disturbing effect if it wasn't for MkM's vocals and if you're a fan of ANTAEUS (if you're a fan of French BM and not into ANTAEUS then you've got a problem) then you know what I mean.



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