Sunday, August 14, 2011

WISHDOOM - Helepolis CD review

WISHDOOM - Helepolis CD
Metal on Metal
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 2/5

I was thinking this was going to be Doom but it's like the Greek version of MANOWAR. Well maybe MANOWAR-lite would be a better analogy. Still we're talking "troo metal" here folks with plenty of battle themed songs like "The Battle of Plataea", (yeah I know that was a given) "Screaming Blade" and "Guardians of Steel". If you're a power metal act you have to have a song with "steel" in it's title. Don't take my word for it just look on almost any MANOWAR album. My close friend Andy has all of their releases, not me of course, so I'm just going on what I've seen at his house during drunken parties screaming "hey let's play some fuckin MANOWAR to fight and kill for evermore" followed by laughter and then regret. Next of course comes the mythology angle which is obvious since the band is from Greece. You've got your title track which also opens this one plus the obligatory nod to the ancient gods like "Zeus the Thunderer" and a Conan the Barbarian tribute "Cimmerian Plains - Son of Crom". This band is even a four piece, just like MANOWAR, but at least they don't pose in Tarzan shorts and codpieces, like MANOWAR does or did. WISHDOOM plays on the cliche fantasy themed metal template to the point of which only someone heavily into this genre will love. It's still kinda lack luster for a debut. The songs never really push over the ambitious level which would have your power metal extremist grabbing their fake sword and hailing the gods of old. The vocals are average which hurts these cuts because every once in a while the melodies really push hard for that sword and sandal epicness. Some of those cuts I already mentioned but "My Wish Your Doom" is as close to real doom as this band gets. The rest is power metal bliss or yawn depending on your jadedness. In the long run I doubt the Persians will be worried.



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