Sunday, August 14, 2011

SPELLCASTER - Under the Spell CD review

SPELLCASTER - Under the Spell CD
Heavy Artillery
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

I'll just pat myself on the back with a congratulatory "well I told ya so" since I did predict that classic heavy metal sounding bands from the states would be the next revival wave back in 2009. Now if I did say that they were all going to be this incredible then you could just call me an oracle. Case in point, here we have a new band out of Oregon who I like to refer to as one of those time machine bands. SPELLCASTER sound like a band who stepped into a time machine back in 82 after seeing the metal scene changing and walked out of it now to rock your world. These guys are not some simple copycat act. They're a tight sounding five piece that uses the classic style of buzzsaw riffs, fiery solos, a powerful rhythm section and of course a singer who has real guy vocals but can also let loose with a heavy metal scream. As far as their songs go there's not a dude in the bunch. Also I really can't pick out a particular classic heavy metal act from the past that they're heavily influenced by. So yes originallity is in their favor. Simply put this is fuckin decent.



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