Thursday, August 25, 2011

DEADFALL - New Light CDEP review

Genre: Math Metal
Rating: 2/5

I use to know another band called DEADFALL. They were from North Carolina and I saw them a bunch of times back in the 1990's. I still have their 7"er and two t-shirts. The black one is in that faded "too many slam pits" condition but the green one is in mint. I wear it every once in a while when there's a local nostalgia show going on. Now this DEADFALL is not far from what the band I knew was doing. The major difference is that my DEADFALL had vocals and these guys don't. Secondly this DEADFALL more math metal and is a two piece act. What we have here are two genius's, Eddie Kim on guitars as well as programming the computer drums and Sean Dusoe on bass.

One listen to this and of course I'm thinking of PELICAN. Yes I do own one PELICAN release. Personally I consider them as well as this to be what I call Sunday morning background music as long as I'm far away in the background. In other words it not my thing but damm if these guys are not good at it. The duo combine these airy progressive melodies and bludgeon them with sludgy doom dirge riffs. After a few listens to this you'll probably decide to grow a beard. I can't say this band's jazz infused jams left me in a catatonic state but it's definitely not as annoying as some homemade one man band jam projects I've endured. Next stop for these guys is Southern Lord records.


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