Sunday, August 14, 2011

PSYCHO - Pain Addict Pigs CD review

PSYCHO - Pain Addict Pigs CD
Moribund Cult
Genre: Blackened Death Thrash
Rating: 3/5

This Singapore act follows along similar lines of other far east acts. They take all of the chops that the rest of the extreme music world has to offer, throws em into a vat of boiling liquid and then sees what floats. They consume that stuff and then vomit it all out in musical form. OK I'm being nice since PSYCHO are really not doing anything on here that hasn't been done to death before. I'm not saying it's bad of course. After the obligatory eerie opening of titled "Intro (The First Incantation)" the band simply runs through all of their cuts like a relentless washing machine that's seen better days. This thing basically runs on cycles of simple blackened death with bursts of thrash grooves to get the crowd head banging. The vocals by Penny Torture (sounds like a goth name?) are sadistic in sound and execution and guitarist Bryan John (again what a name?) rips through some solos which cut through flesh like piano wire. Not bad but there's never a time for some neck snapping brutality like their countrymen, IMPIETY, have been known for. PSYCHO aims for that old school feel and nails it but without anything which would allow them to stand out amongst the already overflowing crowd. Musically it's top notch as if they're playing from a template. Then again being the second famous extreme metal act from Singapore ain't a bad thing.



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