Sunday, August 7, 2011

BALACLAVA - Crimes of Faith LP review

BALACLAVA - Crimes of Faith LP
Forcefield Records
Genre: Crust/Doom
Rating: 1/5

This Richmond, Virginia act is a mixed bag of cheap sludge and crust. It's kinda like NEUROSIS playing a basement show at a crusty punk squat except that when NEUROSIS was playing basements, living rooms and back yards they were better then this. Their first 7"er was a favorite of mine as well as their first full length and they were still Hardcore back then. But this is more like some crusties trying to be a NEURISIS type act after copious listenings to downloaded band catalogs and failing even in this copy cat stage. Their attempts at the sludge factor are meek reminders of something which has been done a hundred times better by others. As far as the crust portions go that's horribly amateurish as well. Someone should go to their homes and remove any Crust records & CDs from the premises because frankly you are not worthy. This band (?) should just take a shower, buy some hipster clothes and go to college where they can major in fuckin up for six or eight years in order to get their four year degree. After that they can all move back in with their parents and spend all of the time on liberal blogs spouting nonsense but at least they can boast about having a degree in something that wouldn't even help them get jobs at McDonalds. There's your future because as far as your music career goes anyone who grants you a second release is being charitable. By the way this will be released on CD by Southern Lord, the new home for acts of this ilk. Which is pretty sad since they used to have some decent bands.



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