Sunday, August 7, 2011

WORMROT - Dirge CD review

Earache Records
Genre: Grindcore
Rating: 2/5

When you open your release with the song “No One Gives A Shit” and end it with an instrumental “The Final Insult” all in eighteen minutes time, irony is not the first word which comes to mind. I'll get to that word later. The latest full length from this Singapore three piece is technically not a full length at all with twenty-five songs in eighteen minutes. Musically this is a noisy blur with recycled metal and hardcore riffs. If WORMROT, who are simply a vocalist, guitarist and drummer, are part of some old school grind revival than they nailed it. Unfortunately being spastic for eighteen minutes without anything standing out other than your speed is boring. Back in the day when bands like BLOWNAPART BASTARDS and CAPITALIST CAUSUALTIES were doing the same thing it was boring as well. Watching a couple of guys on a stage (that's if they were in a club but mostly from personal experience it was in someones basement, living room or out in the back yard) playing as fast as they can with a singer screaming incoherently might have been fun for the crustie punks. But even by 1990's standards it was below what bands like NAPALM DEATH and REPULSION had already done. WORMROT would probably be favored by Maximum Rock n Roll readers (if that zine still exists) or hipster retards who got this as a free download, available from Earache prior to it's official release, and are just now discovering grindcore. Not that there's anything wrong with just discovering grindcore but if you're gonna hype it up on You Tube or certain newbie websites at least pick something not so mediocre. By the way the first word which came to mind after listening to this was mediocre and it only took seven minutes.



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