Sunday, August 14, 2011

CRYPTBORN - Into the Grasp of the Starving Dead CDEP review

CRYPTBORN - Into the Grasp of the Starving Dead CDEP
Dark Descent Records
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

As soon as the opening intro cut "A Feast for the Grave" started I thought yeah this does sound like GRAVE. Then again they're on Dark Descent Records which is the purveyor of everything OSDM (Old School Death Metal). Not that I have a problem with that. On the contrary I'd kill for that label if they asked me to and in a way they have with all of the releases they put out which influences me to do many evil deeds. For example after reviewing one of their last releases which was sent in I went out to a pet store, bought a bunny and killed it with my bare hands in front of the clerk. After listening to this one I'm gonna have to get inventive especially since my conceal and carry permit was revoked. It was a misunderstanding of course. Although there is nothing to be misunderstood about what this Finnish band does on their debut. This is more OSDM from a band who obviously practices in a cave to get that perfect sound from 1991. When they showed up at the studio to record this monster the first thing the guy in the booth did was rip down the AMORPHIS poster from the wall. I'm joking of course because I have nothing against AMORPHIS, yeah right I'm a horrible liar. Not only did I refused to review their latest one but I refused to acknowledge it. They'll probably win a Finnish Grammy but CRYPTBORN are probably already wanted by the authorities. I'm guessing there's a few lifeless bodies laying around after they play a show. I'm not kidding about that one either just listen to this. Into the Grasp of the Starving Dead is a short release, only seven cuts in twenty eight minutes, but its full on primal stuff. We're talking dark and destructive here people. Not only does this band probably practice in a cave they most likely live in it as well. Their walls are adorned with the names (band logos) of the ancient greats painted in blood to remind them of the path they're following.

Now although CRYPTBORN is a brand new band the members are not the typical young guns who have rediscovered OSDM. Which has been the case for the past three or four years. In fact these guys are mostly veterans of the underground scene and not just in Finland. For starters there's vocalist Christbutcher who not only sounds like some mountain roaming beast but is originally from the US (Denver, Colorado to be exact.) Not too long ago he use to growl for a US band called the NICARAGUAN DEATH SQUAD, as well as a few others. Now it's not that they ever made a name for themselves by putting out a slew of releases, which they didn't. It's just the type of band name that once you see it in print or on a flyer you never forget it. Also for some strange reason I think I was at one of their shows. Now when Christbutcher relocated to Finland (obviously for the warmer weather and sunny beaches) he hooked with some locals and ended up being in the blackened death band MAVETH. CRYPTBORN's bassist Jani Nupponen and one of their two guitarists Ville Markkanen were also in MAVETH. So with the familiar atmosphere between band members it's no wonder why this release sounds so fluid in it's performance as well as being monolithic in power. Like I said it's only an EP and it sounds like old GRAVE but I expect more from this band in the near future which will be of their own foot print in extremism. Maybe get their full length cover art done by Putrid who is responsible for this one as well.



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