Friday, August 13, 2010

BLACK SUN AEON – Routa CD Review

Cyclone Empire
Genre: Doom

This is the side project of Tuomas Saukkonen who also fronts the Finnish band BEFORE THE DAWN. What’s similar to his main band is that on here Saukkonen also takes on all instruments and vocals aka: uberman. While his vox is more on the death growl side he also includes two background vocalists, one male and the other female, to add some clean vocals. Routa is two CD’s worth of melodic doom which is frigid and frankly miserable. Each disc has its own separate title with the first one called Talviaamu and the second one Taiviyo. One disc would’ve been fine but with two you get the feeling of what it would be like to get stuck in a snow bound cabin with AMORPHIS. Nothing against AMORPHIS of course but we’re talking no heat, no sauna and no booze. Someone please give me a knife.

Frankly I consider this to be complete overkill on Saukkonen’s part unless he plans to use this for a background soundtrack for a future documentary on Finnish winters. Along with the melodic death doom sounds you also get heavy does of gothic rock as if someone actually did bring some knives in the cabin with them. Actually I like the gothic tones more since the melodic doom simply gives you boring riffs and keyboards laying down an atmosphere as exciting as the color white. I could nail this down with just a few cuts which would include the title track plus “Funeral of World” and the song “Black Sun Aeon” which features the female vocals of Janica Lonn. The rest of this is headache inducing.

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