Friday, October 29, 2010

TOMBSTONES – Not for the Squeamish CD review

TOMBSTONES – Not for the Squeamish CD
Razorback Recordings

Seeing that this band is fronted by Stevo Dobbins of IMPETIGO fame I was expecting something more intense. This is basically horror tinged Thrash/Punk. The title is a little on the hyperbole side of things unless this is supposed to be a Halloween party dink. Secondly having a Crypt Keeper/Yoda like voice intro to almost every song might have been a great idea when you were fuckin drunk but when you sobered up didn’t you consider it pathetic? One or two voice intros would’ve been cool but this many is ridiculous. Along for this sick ride Stevo has Patrick Bruss from CRYPTICUS on guitar and bass plus on drums it’s Elektrokutioner. There are technically sixteen cuts on here with only nine actual songs and the rest fuckin intros. Musically it’s not bad and Stevo’s vocals sound fairly sick and twisted. Patrick Bruss cranks out some simple but chunky thrash riffs that have a hint of DARK ANGEL or even SOD. In fact the latter dropped name sounds closest to what’s performed on here because the serious factor seems low. Still you can’t beat cuts like “Grave Undertakings”, “Roast of the Town” or “Horrific Howlings”. If this line-up simply did a straight forward release, yeah even with a voice intro and outro, then they would be fierce.



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