Tuesday, March 6, 2012

GHOST TOWER - Head of Night CD review

GHOST TOWER - Head of Night CD

Self Released

Genre: NWOBHM / Doom

You would figure with all of the label signings of nostalgic styled metal acts lately that a band like GHOST TOWER would have been picked up. Obviously with this their second self released full length it's not the case. About a year ago I checked out Bellevue, Nebraska's greatest son's and daughter's debut Curse of the Black Blood. I was thoroughly impressed and expected others to be as well. I even went as far to liken them to Holland's DEVIL'S BLOOD. Although I believe lead vocalist Ameven, guitarist Matt Preston (also handling bass and keyboards on here as well as backing vocals) and whoever is drumming on here would consider themselves not influenced by anyone.

Be that as it may on this the band's sophomore effort you can't help but like the long drawn out accelerated rhythms along with the harmonic soloing done by Preston. All of which is a key trait to the traditional 80's NWOBHM plus the added doom structures give everything a dark atmosphere. This release seems faster than the previous one as if showcasing progression. While Preston's riffs lay foundation it's Ameven’s vocal parts which turn the melodic into the haunting gloom. Her entrances in songs some times takes the part of slowed intervals in between fast to mid-paced riff and solo (guitar and keyboard) dynamics. Some perfect examples appear on tracks like "Island of All-Knowing Eyes" or "Secret of Black Moss Lake".

Head of Night is not a mere reinvention nor a paint by the numbers piece of tribute. On this release GHOST TOWER have once again found a way to create something fresh and still with a warm vintage style that is always addictive. Opener "Ninth Tooth of the Gravekeeper's Grin" is an amazing fast paced greeting which you can't help but step inside this release and enjoy.


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