Friday, March 2, 2012

SEEDS OF IBLIS - Jihad Against Islam 7"EP review

SEEDS OF IBLIS - Jihad Against Islam 7"EP

Legion Of Death Records

Genre: Black Metal

In order to appreciate and respect extreme metal you must be willing to entertain controversial ideas. The members of SEEDS OF IBLIS are the epitome of that along with risking their lives in the name of black metal. If you think your band is truly blasphemous and fearless just because you write anti christian songs while living in a democratic western nation think again.

SEEDS OF IBLIS hail from Iraq, play black metal and don't like the islamic religion. Besides their religious criticism on songs like "Sex with Muhammad's Corpse", "No Islam" or "Inverted Hilal" (the crescent symbol of islam) the band, made up of two men and two women, sing the praises of Iblis aka: the devil, "In the Name of Iblis" To say this band's self described True Iraqi Anti Islamic Black Metal take on the genre is unique would also be an understatement. Given that musically they have influences reaching far from home like BURZUM and BATHORY.

The band's overall style is a mixture of thrashy second wave era and atmospheric, trance like melodies. The vocals are actually the best part coming at you with either harsh venomous screams by bassist vocalist Anahita or the backing chants and moans from the other band members. "Sex with Muhammad's Corpse" is an incredibly epic cut taking a page out of Under the Sign of the Black Mark. Were as "No Islam" is haunting as if being performed in the graveyard of religions. I really hope to hear more from this band and not just because of their music or the subject matter they target. I like them because their mere existence is a perfect example of standing up to government and religious institutionalized tyranny. And that's a lot more courageous that some progressive transcendental crap.





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