Tuesday, March 6, 2012

COLLIDER - Self Titled EP review

COLLIDER - Self Titled EP

Self Released

Genre: Sludge

Let me be the first to use the word "mastodonian" to ascribe a musical term to this Ottawa, Canada band. Actually I don't know if I'm the first to use such a word to describe COLLIDER as well as anyone else. For a few years now scribes have gone through various description tags which have become genre terms. Some have stuck and some haven't, you'll never see me use "beard metal" in a review.

All of this of course comes from acts who are somewhat influenced by MASTODON which the three songs on this band's self titled EP display. Nothing wrong with it although seeing that I never took the ride on the MASTODON bandwagon makes it quite impossible to go batshit crazy over this. Although you got to give the band credit where it's due.

COLLIDER has all the key elements in place aka: heavy handed sludge riffs with barked hardcore vocals plus an added progressive flair to the song structures. Frankly while listening to this the first time around I thought Brent Hinds was a guest musician or at least their producer. Either way I'm sure enough time has passed by for a new band to take the top progressive sludge spot.


Bandcamp: http://www.colliderslays.bandcamp.com

Sorry I couldn't find a video.

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