Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BRAINWASHED - Wrecked CD review

Self Released
Genre: Thrash

Obviously the Thrash Revival, which has ceased to exist here in the states, would get around to other parts of the world. In this case it's Poland with BRAINWASHED who obviously heard a few METALLICA albums, the good ones. You could also throw in some TESTAMENT and MEGADETH influence as well. Actually it's kind of a change of pace since the stateside revival acts were mostly conjuring EXODUS and SLAYER. One slight difference would be that this band's singer carries an air of punk / hardcore snarl in his voice especially on the opener "Bringing out of Dead". But once the eight plus minute "I, Leader" kicks in it's hello Lars and James. BRAINWASHED add a few more extended thrashers like "Give Me Your Blood" and "The Battle / Back to the War" to fill the time. Personally I think a thrash song shouldn't go over five minutes unless you're going to expand your riff pool in the song or add a decent enough break three quarters of the way through (hello Lars and James, again). But hey I'm older now and even though I first supported the Thrash Revival when it started, after three years of retro I got burned out which is kinda like when Thrash started. Anyways BRAINWASHED do sound kinda cool with familiar riffs and tech savvy solos that'll slit your throat. As a few words from the title cut suggest, "Can You Feel It?" Yeah.

Rating 3/5



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