Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SYLVATICA - Mosemanden CD review

SYLVATICA - Mosemanden CD
Self Released
Genre: Folk Metal

I have this smart ass / drive people crazy game I pull out every so often when I find the time to excite a boring moment. If I'm around someone and they say Denmark or use the word danish then I immediately yell "King Diamond Rules!" It's kinda like a safe word for metalheads because how many people, especially here in the states, mention Denmark? Also the breakfast danish has be surpassed by the donut and the biscuit. Now I'm not just babbling on like an insane person because there's a reason, a damm good reason in fact, for my talk of Denmark and the Danish. This band hails from there. SYLVATICA are pretty much your typical Folk Metal act which means they're a melodic death metal band who use folk song structures within their sound.

Now maybe I missed something but don't Folk Metal acts use some actual traditional folk instruments? Where's the tin whistles, the fiddles, the accordions, the deer antlers? The closest thing this band has is a guitarist named Thor who only plays live with them. Although the opening cut "Som Aftens Timer Atter Nøler" starts out with some acoustic guitar, big fuckin deal. As far as this release goes well it's a second rate FINNTROLL and at least they have trolls. There's a few catchy numbers on here like "Markedsgildet" or "Mjölner og Mjöd". The vocals are of that constipated gruff variety. The main theme through out is a complete lack of excitement. Sure not everyone can be FOLKEARTH but a little fun injected into the music wouldn't hurt. Have a little self respect why dontcha, you're from Denmark. "King Diamond Rules!"

Rating: 2/5


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