Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ROARBACK - Face The Sun EP review

ROARBACK - Face The Sun EP
Self Released
Genre: Death Thrash

Now here's a band that's flat out insane. Their name fits their music perfectly. Think dark aggressive thrash with plenty of death metal overtones and a vocalist who barks like an obnoxious drunk. ROARBACK hails from Denmark, "King Diamond Rules!", and despite this being ugly death thrash, the vocalist is incredible as far as sounding completely offensive. Add to that the musicianship is top notch. Off course the riffs are dirty as sin and catchy as hell headbanging, throw up those horns you bastards cool but the soloing, especially on "My World", is damm good. Then there's the song "Warmachine" which is excellent violence encouraging thrash dripping with hatred, ridicule and utter contempt. There's four cuts in all and this band is ready for a full length. Years ago we use to call this "beating people up" music. I guess it still is since while I had this playing someone came to my front door asking me to sign some petition so I punched the guy.

Rating 5/5



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