Tuesday, April 17, 2012

CROWN - The One EP review

CROWN - The One EP
Genre: Sludge / Shoegazer Noise

Thankfully the first release I end up reviewing since returning from my extended vacation is a interesting one. This band comes across like it was a Justin Broadrick (GODFLESH / JESU) and Neige (ALCEST / AMESOEURS) collaboration. You've got two guys on guitar, one of whom provides vocals and there's programmed drums. Musically they create slow tempo melodies which run the gambit of being sludgey industrial destruction and dream inducing shoegazer atmospherics. Normally I tend to go more for the destruction but this duo pushes the hypnotic to preportions which will have you floating around your living space. Songs like "100 Ashes" and the title cut gently lift your mind away to a isolation chamber of soothing melodies.

The hard stuff is pretty generic heavy industrial strength riffage like on the opener "Cosmogasm". While "Mare" and "Orthodox" both showcase the disturbing essence of both the oppressive and the melodic. The latter cut "Orthodox" even dabbles in some post punk drone while building up tension to the cresendo around three quarter's of the way to the climax. Actually I was expecting a total incendinary ending but the song just sails off into oblivion. Even with that this is still an impressive debut worthy of Broadrick / Neige comparison. Once again when it comes to adventurous sounds it's the French who are leading the way. CROWN have only been together since last year but this five song debut is an indicator towards future greatness.

Official: http://www.crownritual.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CROWNBAND#!/CROWNBAND/info

Bandcamp: http://crownritual.bandcamp.com/

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