Saturday, April 21, 2012

YOUR KID'S ON FIRE - Chainsaw Devil CD review

YOUR KID'S ON FIRE - Chainsaw Devil CD
Haunted Hotel Records
Genre: Grindcore

Ya know I don't get much grindcore sent in for review as I use to (was it something I said?). So when this band's release popped in I kinda felt honored then I listened to it and was floored. YOUR KID'S ON FIRE are a two piece band of sick grind maniacs. Their take on the genre is total old school as well as sick and twisted which just so happens to be the type of grind I like. They also add plenty of choice movie samples including one of the best scenes from the Charles Bronson flick from 1983, 10 to Midnight, on the second cut in. When I looked over at this Tennessee band's Facecrack page I was greeted with the words; "YKOF is the illest grind band in the south USA. When you hear YKOF for the first time, you'll stab someone in the neck with a butter knife ... just cuz." Yeah a sense of humor is also essential in my opinion. Unfortunately there's no one else here with me now to stab in the neck. So I went over to a neighbor's house and slashed the tires on their SUV. I also left a note on the windshield which read "Courtesy of YKOF".

Chainsaw Devil is this band's second full length since first starting out back in 1996 when they (aka: Doctor Butcher - bass / vocals and Kill Moe Dee - drums / guitar / vocals) intended YKOF to be just a two man studio project. I give em credit for their diligence. In 2006 they released their debut Aught Six: A Necrodyssy and now there's this opus of depravity that contains thirty three cuts. A handful of those are covers including two from NAPALM DEATH - "Stalemate" and "Prison Without Walls", two from DEATH - "Corpsegrinder" and "Mutilation", plus UNSEEN TERROR's "Divisions" and MORTICIAN's "Drilling for Brains". From their taste in songs to cover you should get a good idea what their originals sound like. The titles actually look like they were taken from a friend of mine's horror DVD collection for example "Driller Killer", "She-Wolf of the S.S.", "I Spit On Your Grave" and "The Bicycle Rapist" just to name a few. I bet these guys drive around their home town in a big black rape van with a bumper sticker on the back that says; Don't Laugh, Your Daughter Could Be Bound & Gagged Inside Listening To Grindcore. Nuff Said.

Rating: 5/5



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