Sunday, April 29, 2012

COP PROBLEM - Self Titled 7" review

COP PROBLEM - Self Titled 7"
War Torn Records
Genre: Hardcore

Some friends of mine always ask why don't I review Hardcore releases. Well here's a new one by a Philadelphia four piece act who sound like Hardcore 1989. Now all of us out here who know history understand that Hardcore officially died by 1987. All who followed were just copying what had come before. Also by 1989 the so-called Hardcore scene was sort of a joke with various factions moving away from any affiliation with traditional punk rock and either going full on hippie anarcho punk, emo or metal. The three songs on here remind me of what was coming out of San Fran and DC back in 1989. You still had the caustic vocals, the speedy riffs and the politics but the music was partly more melodic (emo) and cleaner sounding (college rockers). Some idiot scribe from a hipster website actually called this crust. That just goes to show that metal is not the only genre which hipsters are clueless about. You can also throw in a heaping helping of revisionism since that's a hipster specialty. COP PROBLEM is fronted by a woman but you really can't tell by her vocals even when the band slows down to an emo pace on the third cut "Blinded by Power" and the singer (Deb Cohen) breaks into some spoken word lyrics (how anarcho punk, minus the shrill). COP PROBLEM are simply another boring political band with nothing new to scream about over twenty years later.

Rating: 1/5




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