Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BIIPIIGWAN - Nibaak EP review


Handshake Inc

Genre: Sludge / Post Hardcore

Here's a three song short form release by a Ottawa, Canada band caught in a post NEUROSIS feedback loop. Sure Scott Kelly is roaming the countryside on a solo tour with guitar in hand acting like he's Ryan fuckin Adams. (yeah actually he's closer to doing the Wino thing but Ryan Adams is just a fuckin douche) NEUROSIS hasn't made a whisper since 2007 but interweb scribes are pre-writing their reviews for the band's return release later this year. In the meantime the world of extreme eardrums has been inundated with bands caught in the Oakland, California band's wake trying to fill a void. Why? I don't know but personally I'm tired of it all. Be that as it may talent and quality continue on and BIIPIIGWAN are not slouches. On here the band trudges along like Godzilla on a bender. (Speaking of which the insurance rates in downtown Tokyo must be murder.) Anyways three songs of chronic pain mongering delivered in a little over fourteen agonizing minutes. The irony now is that NEUROSIS has to live up to or surpass the quality of all of the bands they've influenced. In BIIPIIGWAN's case the student might have surpassed the master.

Bandcamp: http://biipiigwan.bandcamp.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BIIPIIGWAN?sk

There doesn't seem to be many Serbians hanging out to watch the band in this vid.

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