Sunday, April 3, 2011

DODSFERD - Spitting with Hatred The Insignificance of Life CD

DODSFERD - Spitting with Hatred The Insignificance of Life CD
Moribund Records
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 2/5

Every nine to ten months I am greated by a new release from my good friend Nikos Spanakis aka: Wrath, the mainman behind DODSFERD. Now seriously Nikos and I have never met but we do go back a long way, back to his second full length Fucking Your Creation from 2007. It's an unrecognized classic for misanthropic black metal fanatics plus it has some good blackened Punk n Roll on it. Since then I haven't missed one of his releases. Another thing about Nikos is that he's exactly like an old roomate of mine named Joseph, except Joseph wasn't Greek or in a seminal one man black metal band. Although their attitude toward the world was exactly the same. Hatred for mankind wasn't just a fun line and attitude for shock value in order to get attention. He really hated humanity just like Nikos, still does from what I gather. To make matters worse is that Joseph lives in a poor section of Pittsburgh which is like self flagellation to a hater of everything human. Nikos on the other hand stays in Greece and hates the world. In fact last time I heard from him, through his 2010 EP release Another Two of Your Scars and the World is Dead, I thought he was on suicide watch. Obviously someone was just grasping a little.

All I needed was one spin of Spitting with Hatred The Insignificance of Life to realize Nikos ain't ready to leave us just yet. He's still one of the best purveyor's of melodic blackened Punk n Roll exemplified on here by "Your Kingdom Was Built in a Lie". Another soon to be classic is the haunting "A Pile of Shit; the Only Hope of Your World". Although I think it's about time that I tell Nikos that his song ideas are getting a bit self recycled. About time? Yeah I know that some true believers left a few releases back but I've gotta stick around. Besides if it's on Moribund Records I pick it up without question. I have better control of bodily functions like sweating than I do with Moribund Records purchases. But getting back to this release, which is close to an hour's worth of pain and degradation, it reminds me of 2009's Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow. That was a great release but it was also number two in DODSFERD's suicide trilogy. I've already pulled this CD out of the stereo and it didn't blow up. Another point of contention is that a few cuts on here sound as if they were dragged out in order to fill space for lack of creativity. If that's going to be the case than DODSFERD is the one to worry about insignificance.



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