Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BODYFARM - Self Titled CDEP review

Abyss Records
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 3/5

The opening intro "Into Battle" sounds like it was lifted from a bad 90's action flick which most likely went straight to DVD after a week in theatres. The rest of this CDEP by this new Dutch band is no nonsense Death Metal. It's a four song taste of a full length which is obviously on the way. Two cuts seem average where as "Heartraped" and "Slaves of War" fall into that classically exceptional category. The band sticks with that purist feel of the genre which many fans felt has been lost with all the "tech" and "core" overwhelming the scene. Personally I never thought the Dutch had anything to worry about especially when you have PESTILENCE and ASPHYX making great comebacks. Add to that the greatness of recent releases by GOD DETHRONED and of course Martin Van Drunen's other powerhouse HAIL OF BULLETS. I wouldn't place BODYFARM in league with those previously name dropped bands just yet or at least with the four cuts represented here. I'm gonna wait for their full length which I'm betting will be fairly kick ass.



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