Sunday, April 24, 2011

NOISEAR - Subvert the Dominant Paradigm CD review

NOISEAR - Subvert the Dominant Paradigm CD
Relapse Records
Genre: Grindcore
Rating: 2/5

Every once in a while I voluntarily subject myself to torture and no I don't get off from it. My torture consists of subjecting myself to reviewing a new grindcore release which is basically a collection of riffs, blastbeats and grunted/shrieked vocals which comprise over two dozen doses which are disguised as songs. Don't get me wrong because I like plenty of Grindcore. OK I take that back actually I like some Grindcore and the rest is lost to me. This New Mexico based act falls under the "lost" part but that doesn't necessarily mean it's crap. NOISEAR has actually been around for fourteen years and medically speaking they're most likely suffering in the throws of ADD. On this the band's debut full length for Relapse they cram thirty tracks together (sorry it's really twenty-nine and twenty minutes of noise aptly titled “Noiseruption”) tighter than a frogs ass (that's water tight).

NOISEAR is the brain child of the one and only Brian Fajardo who also has given his drum talents to such Grind giants which I also find annoying like PHOBIA, KILL THE CLIENT and GRIDLINK. Along for the ride he has guitarists Dorian Rainwater and Thomas Romero who on here sound like they're (choose one: tripping, drunk or dyslexic). The bass (what bass?) is played by Joe Tapia. Finally there's Alex Lucero who believe it or not is classified as a vocalist on here. Note to self; in the future before reviewing another release by an underground Grind band get so fuckin drunk that your senses are numb. With all joking aside (that's a lie) Subvert the Dominant Paradigm is for Grindcore purists who like bouncing off the walls of their bedrooms before they get their bedtime pill. Strangely enough I found myself enjoying this by the midway portion. Now pardon me while head to the kitchen for a tall glass of bourbon to calm my fuckin nerves.



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