Sunday, April 24, 2011

VINTERSORG - Jordpuls CD review

Napalm Records
Genre: Viking/Folk Metal ?
Rating: 1/5

Cleanlyness is next boring in my book of hatred. Years ago when vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Andreas Hedlund started out on his blackened folk vision things were halfway decent with 1998's Till Fjalls and then Odemarkens Son from 1999. After all of that things went progressively down hill because he introduced progressive touches to the band, actually a duo with him and guitarist Mattias Marklund. If you've ever read any of my reviews of recent BORKANAGAR releases you would know I consider Hedlund the worst thing to ever happen to that band. I gave up on them last year and now VINTERSORG joins the club. I really don't care if you sprinkle black metal shrieks on a few songs like adding salt for flavor. If your music sounds like folkish pop progressive rock, even including a Roger Dean like cover art work, than I'm out the door running. The only reason this didn't end up a frisbee is from their two back catalog releases sitting in the CD racks. Of course this will win a Nordic Grammy or something close to that effect. I'm just not a happy camper.



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