Sunday, April 24, 2011

CONDENADOS - A Painful Journey Into Nihil CD review

CONDENADOS - A Painful Journey Into Nihil CD
Shadow Kingdom Records
Genre: Doom
Rating: 3/5

This is the debut full length from this Chilean three piece band. Their name means "doomed" in Spanish and they take their sound from the purely epic realm of the genre. We're talking slow to mid range in speed, methodical and heavier than a giant's nuts. Although I wouldn't call anything these guys are doing as ground breaking and comparisons could be made to everyone from SAINT VITUS to SOLITUDE AETURNUS. At the least they're not just another state side stoner/sludge band recycling SABBATH to the point where full length releases disintegrate into one or two cool songs with the rest being filler. CONDENADOS start this six song affair by singing in Spanish which at least is different and keeping with your homeland tradition. This goes on for just two cuts and the rest are sung in English. Keeping with tradition the vocals are cleanly sung with the added piecing guitar solos that break free from the doomish atmosphere. Of course six songs from a doom metal act is an eternity but from a band who've previously only released a handful of EPs it's a decent teaser for what could come next.



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