Sunday, April 24, 2011

VOLTURE - Shocking it's Prey CDEP review

VOLTURE - Shocking it's Prey CDEP
Heavy Artillery Records
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 5/5

I'll file this one under Richmond, Virginia supergroup side project since the band consists of present or former members of PARASYTIC, IMMORTAL AVENGER, CANNABIS CORPSE, TWISTED TOWER DIRE and MUNICIPAL WASTE. Actually this band sounds like where IMMORTAL AVENGER left off since vocalist Brent Hubbard was once their singer and this is Heavy Metal. I'm talking real Heavy Metal, throw up the horns. A year ago I said that Heavy Metal and NWOBHM was making a comeback just like the neo-Thrash revival. VOLTURE are no different than CAULDRON or ENFORCER. This release has that quality where you think the band is actually from the early 80s and stepped into a time machine to bring them to the present in order to rock your world. I can say that with a straight face since I was born in the 60s and grew of age in the late 70s early 80s so that is my generation's metal music.

If we were to reverse the time machine and send VOLTURE back to when I was a kid then they could easily share a stage with PRIEST or MAIDEN. I'm not ashamed to say that Shocking it's Prey is better than anything the two previous mentioned bands have done since those days. Hyperbole on my part? Just listen to Brent Hubbard's vocals and tell me he can't break glass like in those old Memorex tape commercials. Then there's the twin guitar attack by Nick Poulos and Dave Boyd which is simply ten pages ripped from the Tipton/Downing handbook of cool 80's metal riffs. Finally there's the rhythm section of Ryan Waste on bass and drummer Barry Cover, both of whom provide the beat to bang your head, tap your fingers, stomp your feet and raise up that arm to give em the horned fist salute. Another cool thing about this release is that it's only six cuts with no filler. If there was one sad note about this release it would be that it's being done by a side project. Ryan Waste is not going to leave his day job with MUNICIPAL WASTE and I wouldn't want that to happen no matter how much I enjoy this stuff.




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