Sunday, April 3, 2011

SHITTY FUCKER - Diarrheality cass. review

SHITTY FUCKER - Diarrheality cass.
Genre: Grind/Crust/Punk
Rating: 4/5

You all know how I hate the brown word but since this is on Tankcrimes, a label known for not putting out any weak shit, then I'll just have to adjust. Yeah I'm kidding about that one. This is the debut EP release from SHITTY FUCKER a four piece California band who like their grindcore mixed with fornication, crusty breaks and plenty of movie soundbites. I'm not a movie buff but I did recognize something which sounded like it came from the Exorcist at the opening of "Jesus Fucks You". In fact that opening "brown word" line I used comes from a movie sample which opens the thirty four second ditty "Fallopian Warfare". I don't know the movie. Although I do know that this seven songs in nine minutes opus from SHITTY FUCKER is unadulterated punk fuckin rock. I mean punks don't have time anymore to listen to a forty five minute album anymore. They've got better things to do like bum money from their mothers so they can go out and score meth then hang out in the parking lot of a club and yell at chicks. They rather spend time breaking into cars to steal stuff which will pay for their other habits like drinking fortys, smoking cheap cigarettes and buying studs for their leather jackets. Back in the day we only needed the clothes on our backs but today things are tough for your average punk rocker, dude. Be that as it may Diarrheality is probably this generation's Nevermind and in all honesty I'm glad. My old friend Joe Christ (RIP) would've loved this band. Satan is boring, kill the pigs, listen to SHITTY FUCKER.



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