Sunday, April 3, 2011

PROMISCUITY - Infernal Rock N' Roll Demo review

PROMISCUITY - Infernal Rock N' Roll Demo
Israhellbanger Records
Genre: Blackened Punk/Speed Metal
Rating: 4/5

This is the type of release you hand to your hesher friend (we've all got one or two and I've got a list as long as my arm) who is not into "that whole black metal thing, dude" (a quote I hear a lot) but likes to rock the fuck out. Hand em this for a present. Watch their face grimace as the opening sequence starts out with BILL HALEY & THE COMETS doing "Rock Around the Clock" (the re-recorded 1973 version that opened the 70's TV show Happy Days). That lasts for forty seconds and then the real fun begins with an infernal yet muffled sarcastic laugh. Once the title cut kicks into gear and the other two tracks finish, your friend will be out of his jaded easy chair and smashing holes into his walls in delight. Hey he could use a few more windows anyway plus the place smells of old vinyl and beer. Music like this is perfect for shocking people out of their dull routine plus they might even change their clothes.

PROMISCUITY hail from Israel and Infernal Rock N' Roll is their three song debut released en mass on cassette tape. Although the format might remind you of the 1980's the production will not since it's top notch. Musically this three piece is following the path that DARKTHRONE has been treading these past few years. What's better is that the three cuts on here are equal to if not catchier than the Norwegian duo's 2010 release Circle the Wagons. Their guitarist/vocalist, Butcher, even reminds me a little like Nocturno Culto as far as his singing goes. His guitar work is a different story. Aside from his chugging riffs the guy can burn your face off with some classic metal styled solos. Break out the air guitar for "Crime and Punishment" as well as "Gybenhinnom" but not while you're driving of course. Trust me since it's scary being in the passenger seat while the driver starts doing that air guitar thing while traveling at sixty miles an hour. Your knuckles are white while the driver is throwing you the horns and screaming "yeahhhh".

PROMISCUITY have got something good going for them with this release. The format is great especially since it's just three cuts. In the past few years since these newer bands have been blackening their punk and speed metal influences some have just gone on for too long. Three songs is perfect and six can be decent as well but when they start pounding out eight to ten cuts per release you can hear recycling. You can also make out the bass played by Werewolf and the drummer Dekapitator doesn't sound like he's pounding on cans. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to take my axe handle and make a new window.




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