Sunday, April 24, 2011

SOUL OF STEEL - Destiny CD review

Underground Symphony
Genre: Power Metal
Rating: 3/5

So I'm sitting here drinking my favorite adult beverage Mead and playing the new MANOWAR inspired video game, Hail & Kill, when I decided it's sound effects suck. You can only take so much of Joey DeMaio saying "Congratulations Brother of True Metal. You are worthy to enter the Mountain of Steel." So I decided to turn the sound down on it and check out the debut full length by this Italian band. They're Power Metal so it wouldn't bother me while I continue playing the video game. Besides I'm very close to finding the charactor I have to kill in order to get the Codpiece of Infinite Desire. It kinda sucks that I have to remove it from some demon's crotch but hey it's a game. But getting back to the music at hand, SOUL OF STEEL play a brand of Power Metal that's melodic and would sit well with fans of old NWOBHM.

I'm always surprised when I listen to a new release by a Power Metal band to start with. The big surprise here was that I could stand it long enough to listen to it entirely without taking a break. These Italians got something going for them with their IRON MAIDEN worship (the Bruce era) on a few cuts while vocalist Gianni Valente is a soon to be heralded talent. It's not that Valente over does it in fact it's quite the opposite. He just sings without any over indulgence. The music is the same with decent rhythms that gallop along with a firey solo implanted here and there. Sometimes keeping things simple actually works and you can still do a song about swords and fire without sounding ridiculous.



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