Sunday, April 24, 2011

ILSA - Tutti Il Colori Del Buio CD review

ILSA - Tutti Il Colori Del Buio CD
Dark Descent Records
Genre: Just about everything Extreme
Rating: 3/5

Washington, DC's ILSA is a rare breed of extreme music indeed. Why just settle down for one genre when you can inject yourselves with rabid dog vomit and play them all which is close to what it sounds like on this their sophomore release. Just for the sake of my lack of having rabid dog vomit on hand I'll just say they're angry, crusty and sludgey for the sake of this review. If you're wondering about the title it translates to All the Colors of the Dark which I found out is also the name of a 1970's exploitation flick. I'll have to add that to my movies to see before I go blind list. I'm betting it's one of those flicks which gets sent to your mailbox wrapped in brown paper. Getting back to the music at hand ILSA work with two distinct settings. Their sound is down tuned destruction and it's paired with a maniac on vocals. The nine tracks on here are insidious boobytraps to anyone foolish enough to walk into thinking something hip is going on. This band has a song on here called "Frostthrower". That's about as cool as firing a stage cannon which shoots tainted blood covered razorblades into a South By Southwest audience.

Unfortunately with their crusted down tuned dependency and monotoned vocals this release becomes a repetitive two trick pony which leaves you settling for distinctive tracks instead of a whole album's worth of excitement. Opener "Blood Rituals" is a monolithic beast which squeezes the life out of your speakers. "Butcher's Castle" is a low-fi D-Beat masterpiece with a rhythm so familiar that you'll not care that it's been recycled a hundred times over. You'll just adorn yourself with kitchen cutlery then start a pit with friends only stopping when everyone has slipped onto the floor from all the spilled blood. Then of course there's the previously mentioned "Frostthrower" which is pure sick twisted Death Doom genius. The utter rawness of the guitar sound on that cut alone is worth the price of admission. "Primrose Paths" is another winner as if CELTIC FROST, ENTOMBED and DISFEAR were all on a bus together as it ran over a cliff, painful screams included. I must admit that after blasting this a few times I need an aspirin or maybe something stronger. Also I find the late night silence a relief. I'm serious this is a extremely painful band to endure and I'm a war vet dammit. Hopefully this band will find a way to add a speck of variety next time around that's if they're not all arrested first for audio murder.



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