Sunday, April 3, 2011


Brutal Bands
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

I've been listening to a lot of Death Metal this month because it's Death Metal March, get it? Yeah well if you think that's bad then send me suggestions for April because I'm stumped. Anyway receiving this for review in March turned out to be perfect. Like I mentioned, I've been listening to a lot of DM lately especially old school stuff. So not only does this CD sound like most of what I've been rotting my brain to of late but the band name sounds very familiar. In all honesty I've never heard this Czech four piece before although they've been together for a decade and have two previous full lengths under their belts. What's also amazingly criminal is that this was recorded back in 2008, was finally released last year but their label supposedly didn't do a good job promoting it. Now if you're a huge old school death metal fan like myself (and frankly who isn't) then you would feel some empathy towards DESTROYING DIVINITY after a spin or two of this. On second thought empathy might not be what first comes to mind once you blast Dark Future. I'm leaning towards evil vile hatred. The band sent this to me in the hopes that their own promotional efforts could do them some justice. Frankly I should be thanking them because after spinning this all night and all the following morning I'm now on a DM buzz which might last till June.

Since DESTROYING DIVINITY has been around for a decade now it would be foolish to place em in that New Old School Death Metal catagory. (NOSDM for short I'm sure you've heard about it) Although their sound is pure old school filth with influences which crept out of Florida and New York back in the day. Ok sure they're standing on a secure plataau by emulating classic USDM but playing by the numbers rehash this is not and calling it homage is easy but to who since the band's sound is not so easy to peg overall. If I were pushed to it I'd say if you're still burning a candle in your window for that new MORBID ANGEL release (yeah when is that fucker gonna come out) then forget it and go for this CD instead. Also if you can't wait for something new from INCANTATION (I actually shoved a guy out of my way in the store just so I could grab the last copy of their last release) then try this on for size. Speaking of Jon McEntee he should re-release this in the states since it's right up Ibex Moon Records' alley. I'll give him a call tommorrow, yeah right. Either way Dark Future is not something to overwelm the senses but there's an inviting atmosphere about it that just drags you in. Also at a running time of just thirty six minutes they band doesn't waste any time.

"To Live in Gloom of the Beyond" is a perfect opening cut and allows you to hear every facet of this band on death metal display. Name your poison here folks because you get trudging rhythms, grind parts, growled vocals and electric shock solo flourishes. The only thing missing is a fresh cadavor delivered to your front door. "At War with Two Worlds" and "Birth of Faceless Killer" is where the heavy influences of past giants crush you with the former being doom ladened and the latter a grinding machine splattering blood and guts everywhere. I thought "Putrid Stench of Past" was a few firey Trey Azagthoth solos away from old MORBID ANGEL and as if on cue the following cut "Undead in the Darkness" provided em. "Cult" is just flat out epic for DM standards with it's war like battle hardened atmosphere just mowing over you like a tank being operated by a maniac. "Prophecy" and "Name Written with Blood" is where DESTROYING DIVINITY actually switch into a higher gear like from second to third but obviously they use human body parts for transmission fluid because breakneck speed is not of the essence. And on their final cut "Face to Face to Destiny" the only thing in ample supply on here is slowly crushing death doom. If you like everything I've just written (and frankly who wouldn't) then not only does this need to be playing at your miserable place of residence but this band needs an apology from someone. Having this lay out there in the weeds for someone to trip over is a travesty. There are multitudes of bloodthirsty freaks, some of whom I call friends, who crave bands like this more than food. If you're hungry for it then contact the band. I'm sure they'll supply you with this DM feast.




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