Sunday, April 3, 2011

INFUNERAL - Torn from the Abyss CD review

INFUNERAL - Torn from the Abyss CD
Blackcrowned Records
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 2/5

I hate to be the bearer of bad blackened news but this release by Sweden's INFUNERAL is fairly average if not forgetable. It's as if someone, presumebly Grave (guitar and vocals) took the BM template from years ago and copied it verbatem. There's nothing on this eight song release which really stands out as having a cent of originality. I know it's black metal and I will admit that original second wave sounding stuff is my favorite music to sacrifice furry woodland creatures to or even a goat if it's in season. But this actually an EP with some filler cuts on here to take up space. What's with the worthless opener "I" and it's brother the fifty four second "II" which comes at the halfway point? One song on here caught my attention and that was the MARDUK influenced "The Plague of Humanity". My guess is that there are now Hot Topic's in Sweden and this is their band. Nuff said.


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