Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DARK FUNERAL – Angelus Exuro pro Eternus CD review

DARK FUNERAL – Angelus Exuro pro Eternus CD
Regain Records

Yeah it’s been a few years since we last heard from this Swedish Black Metal institution. Their debut full length, The Secrets of the Black Arts, from 1996 is a Scumfeast Metal 666 Essential but since then their musical output has gone from good to predictable. When last we heard from Emperor Magus Caligula and the boys it was 2005 with their Attera Totus Sanctus release. Yeah it was decent but I haven’t taken it out for a spin in over a year. So as far as this new one goes, yeah it’s decent. If their aim last year in the studio was to kick out a patented DARK FUNERAL sounding release then that goal has been achieved. The problem is that we’ve heard this all before. I’m not trying to be an upside down crucifix in the mud here people. While listening to Angelus Exuro pro Eternus I’m also hearing bits and pieces of songs from their past peeking through. Soundwise this is perfect, play it loud to offend your neighbors. Seriously put your speakers in your open windows and turn this fucker up as loud as your stereo will go. I don’t care if it’s cold out just do it because this will frighten the people next door but that’s about it. As for me well I’ve had scarier mornings waking up from all night drinking excursions. You know the ones when you wake up and ask yourself, I’m not bleeding so where did all of this blood come from? OK maybe that’s just me but as far as this release goes it’s not that evil, dark or threatening. There are a handful of cuts that’ll hold your interest for a few minutes but if you want something guaranteed to invoke your inner beastie look somewhere else. MARDUK?

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