Monday, January 18, 2010

WICKED KING WICKER – God is Busy Save Yourself CD review

WICKED KING WICKER – God is Busy Save Yourself CD
Cold Spring Records

My first reaction to this was simply “Whatafuck”. SUNN O)))’s mentally disturbed brother now residing in a maximum security mental institution in upstate New York makes a CD. One listen to this and you’ll think MOSS is too melodic. Personally I’m not the right person to review let alone endure this one. What I need is an assistant, someone who I can lock up in a padded room and blast this too. After about a dozen plays I’d slip some sheets of paper and a few crayons through a slot in the door then scream, “So tell me what you think?” Maybe the US Military at Gitmo should consider using this CD in their interrogation techniques. Make sure the islamo-fascists know the CD title of course just for better effect and a bag of pork grinds wouldn’t hurt as well. After five minutes the bastards would beg to be water boarded.

This is the epitome of Doom, Dirge and Distorted Sludge. The sheer fact that there’s an audience for this in the ranks of the Extreme is amazing enough. Now after a little digging for info I come to find out that this is the band’s sixth release and that they have a huge underground following. Well why not take an ice pick and plunge it into both of my eardrums then follow along. I kinda thought my tastes in Metal were on the extreme side but after listening to this I’m in need of an adjustment. For most people WICKED KING WICKER makes what they’re listening to seem like Pop music. The riffs on here drag more ass than an alligator. They are thick with over the top distortion. Oh yeah there are vocals on here as well. Actually vocals are not a correct term to use since they sound like disquieting screams from the mentally ill. I’m wondering how many reviewers in the past dropped one of the band’s promo dinks into their stereo, pushed play and when the noise blasted out thought, “Fuck I got a bum disc.”

As much as I consider this to be completely disturbing there is something magnetic about God is Busy Save Yourself. It reminds me of the time back in the late 70s when I first heard the SEX PISTOLS on the radio, a college radio station of course, and thought this is almost illegal. This New York band conjures up those same feelings. It also has a somewhat psychedelic quality as in a bad acid trip. Hallucinating that your body is covered with ants comes to mind. This release has three cuts, all over sixteen minutes in length and trust me that’s all you need. All I can say finally is that this is genius. I’m surprised I still have furniture left unbroken but then again I’ve been through SUNN O))) already, because God is Busy Save Yourself could easily drive a lesser person literally insane. Unless you are a huge Dirge Drone Doom Experimental music connoisseur then stay away stay very far away.

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