Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ARSIS – Starve for the Devil CD review

ARSIS – Starve for the Devil CD
Nuclear Blast Records

This band is a winner in my book of “fuck you to traditionalism”. Throw the recently warm, moist and disemboweled innards of ARCH ENEMY and DRAGONFORCE against a filthy wall. You will need to collect the drippings, add water and bring to boil. Afterwards the broth will be ARSIS and you’ll want to share your recipe of discovery. Although I will not say that ARSIS are over the top. They just touch all the needed buttons that make them decent Extreme Metal. Starve for the Devil is the dink that CHILDREN OF BODOM should’ve put out but didn’t. Melodic Death Metal, Thrash and NWOBHM are all dumped into the soup pot here making it a pedestrian Metal classic. When was the last time you heard a Metal band with more hooks than your granny’s curtains? I doubt ARSIS will start climbing up the charts to overthrow the ruling Pop Metal favorites nor do I believe it was their aim. Releasing a fun sounding recording seems more to the point. Call the chiropractor because Starve for the Devil induces headbanging.

Guitarist/vocalist James Malone can turn out a great riff, cut a lead flawlessly and write catchy songs that’ll even have a suicidal Doom maven sing along. Check in on songs like “Beyond Forlorn”, “Half Corpse O’ Clock” or my favorite of all “Forced to Rock” in which Malone kicks off the song with a simple “let’s rock”. This is beer drinking music the kind of thing you play for a crowd who really don’t give a flying fuck as long as the music is cool. Once in a while you need a release like this to toss on in between the extremes of hate. Yeah it’s early in the year so after a few plays you’ll slip this into a stack and forget about it. I do it all the fuckin time. But months from now I’ll go back to looking for something different as well as playable and it’ll catch my eye. They’re on a US tour right now with ARCH ENEMY but not around we’re I live.


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