Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CRUCIFIST – Demon Haunted World CD review

CRUCIFIST – Demon Haunted World CD
Profound Lore/FETO Records

This is the side project/band of Danny Lilker better known as the bass player for BRUTAL TRUTH. I’m gonna piss off some of you Grindcore elitists by saying I like this alot more then last year’s comeback release by BRUTAL TRUTH. Yes that’s right I called you elitists and you’re jaded as well because you will hate this. Demon Haunted World is a throwback to the primordial days of first wave Black Metal, Proto Thrash and a generous helping of Punk Fuckin Rock. Along with Lilker, there’s guitarist John Gallo and drummer Mike Waske both of whom are also in the New York state Doom band, ORODRUIN. The vocals, and that’s definitely a stretch, are provided by Ron Blackwell. Not that anything is wrong with Blackwell’s singing in fact he’s perfect for this since he sounds drunk and doesn’t give a flying fuck. Well hell yeah, the new Black is not Post but Pre-Black Metal. Unless your coolness has frozen your brain then you have noticed what was once old is new again. Let’s review, Thrash Revival, Old School Death Metal and NWOBHM both making a comeback, etc. CRUCIFIST are simply presenting the world their brand of hate via late 80’s style Extreme Metal sounds. What’s really cool is how fresh songs like “Skull Smashing Face Ripping Death” or “Witchgrip” sound along with the ANGEL WITCH cover “Angel of Death”.


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