Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SUFFOCATION – Close of a Chapter – Live in Quebec City CD review

SUFFOCATION – Close of a Chapter – Live in Quebec City CD
Relapse Records

We have a contractual obligation to review atleast one live release per year. In 2009 it was DEATH ANGEL and now we have SUFFOCATION. Strangely enough this too is a live show from the past. Recorded in 2005 during their Souls to Deny tour, this was originally self released by the band but not alot of copies got around to the filthy Death Metal hordes. Since SUFFOCATION is on Nuclear Blast nowadays I’m guessing Relapse had this one in the vault and figured well all that Grindcore crap ain’t selling so lets put this one out. Besides, those Long Island motherfuckers owe us. Well I’m sure you’ll get your money back because this live release is a must have for any SUFFOCATION fan. Especially since it’s from 2005 which I think was when the band was still at the top of their game. The sound on here is superb, great set of songs and plenty of inbetween song bullshit/banter. This is actually better then the last two times I saw them.

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