Monday, January 18, 2010

BLEEDING FIST – Bestial Krusifix666ion CD review

BLEEDING FIST – Bestial Krusifix666ion CD
Moribund Records

This Slovenian band takes raw First Wave Black Metal then runs it through a POISON IDEA Hardcore filter to create one sick twisted release. Lyrically and visually this four piece band pushes the satanic hate factor meter to the filth side but when those breakdowns kick in its 80’s Hardcore sneaking out. I find stuff like this totally enjoyable but wonder why it comes to us from a former Soviet Republic and not here in the US. I’m lucky to have grown up with Punk and Metal from the mid-seventies. Looking at how both genres have evolved and branched out it’s clear that Metal came out alot better giving fans so much to choose from. But with Punk, well there is Emo thank you very much. Metalcore and Deathcore are two genres I don’t care for at all and I’m being nice. Hell many of the bands that were part of the Punk genres ended up distancing themselves away from it because of the stupidity. As far as Hardcore goes the only bands that are worth a flying fuck are ones that lean more towards Metal as in Thrash or Sludge.

So for a band like this to take two raw influences and combine those into something that’ll burn off your funny haircut is to me cool as fuck. Last year I was getting into alot of Necro Black Metal and figured that it will be the next wave in 2010. I’m still holding out for that to happen with bestial lust. I also foretold that a new wave of bands would be going back to Black Metal’s early days and mixing it with Punk, Hardcore as well as its many offshoots. BLEEDING FIST is obviously one of em although their history goes back to 2005 with their first demo Suffocated Madness. Since then the band has released a few more demos, an EP in 2007, a split in 2008 with VINTERNATT as well as a self released full length. Bestial Krusifix666ion is like a flaming middle finger salute.

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