Monday, January 18, 2010

KRALLICE – Dimensional Bleedthrough CD review

KRALLICE – Dimensional Bleedthrough CD
Profound Lore Records

I remember reading an article/blog about KRALLICE late last year in which the writer was stating that the band needs to prove with their next release that they are not a “Hipster Metal band”. First off this or any other band out there needs to prove nothing. All bands/artists need to do is create great music and perform it if possible. As far as the “Hipster” tagline goes well as I’ve said before, some bands gravitate towards it while others have it thrust upon them. In the case of KRALLICE the latter is the truth since their 2008 debut was a critic’s pick but the scene police dubbed them “hipster” because the band wasn’t Black Metal enough. Ok fine but is their music any good? You’re an asshole if you say no. Their 2008 debut reminded me of late 80s early 90s Noise Rock crossed with Black Metal. You had real guy vocals being screamed over all of that volume which was more instro jamming than song structure but pulled off very well.

So here’s their latest sophomore release and I’m still a fan of them. In fact I’d like to see them live now playing this material because I think it will have me watching them in fuckin awe and screaming every tempo change. There’s this image I get when listening to Dimensional Bleedthrough and it’s picturing the band recording this non stop while the recording studio is burning down around them. The music seems to lift the flames higher and no one is about to call the Fire Dept. After you listen to this you think that WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM is one dimensional. Although atleast they know when to call it quits. If I have one complaint about this release it will be the length. The thing is too damm long as in over an hour’s worth of overindulgence. Don’t shorten the songs but do think about shorting the amount of songs. With that said if you can get through the title track which opens this avant-garde Blackened Metal opus then you’ve got it licked. Technically the sound on here is brilliant with songs like the earlier mentioned title track along with “Aridity” and the monstrous closer “Monolith of Possession”.

I’ll say the laymen’s guide to Post Black Metal (or whatever the zealots wanna call it) is patience. I have to listen to this in spurts as in three songs here and stop, move onto something else. It’s because I’ll stop and replay the previous cuts. Guitarists Mick Barr, who also does vocals, and Colin Marston are worthy musicians who create memorable performances on here that to just blow by them would be an insult. Another insult would be to call this Progressive since it’s just enhancing Noise Rock with Black Metal ambience albeit with a wall of noise. By the way there’s a bass player included with this package. Hipsters and Post Rock music critics will never get that joke but Black Metal fans will. Nuff Said.


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