Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SKADY – Eyn Raunen Im Tannicht CD review

SKADY – Eyn Raunen Im Tannicht CD
Asatru Klangwerke Records

This German three piece outfit might label themselves Black Metal but as far as their sound goes they throw everything at you including the Teutonic sink. Paganism and Folk are the basis behind this debut release although what makes me like this so much is the band’s way of carrying everything along with some melodic Thrash elements. Eyn Raunen Im Tannicht is eight tracks with a dead boar on the black & white cover bleeding red in the woods. It’s an artist’s rendering of course but it must carry meaning. Unfortunately everything is in German so I wouldn’t know exactly. The release opens with a brisk intro and immediately kicks into the Teutonic melodies. If this was from the states I’d say it was contrived in order to pave the way for a spot on Paganfest 2010. But these are Germans and dammit they do know how to get their trains to run on time. “Furor Teutonicus” is my favorite cut on here not only because it’s a great song but the opening sounds like a battle between warring parties with kitchen utensils. Hey look, SKADY are an underground band so real swords might cost too much so bring in the spatulas, ladles and have at it.

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