Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SINISTER REALM – Self Titled CD review

Shadow Kingdom Records

“Hello Allentown, are you ready for some Heavy Fuckin Metal?” For those of you who don’t know me, I spent my teenage to adult years, age 13 to 20 (1976 to 1983) in good old Allentown, PA. I saw all the great Heavy Metal bands back then in their heyday, PRIEST three times, MAIDEN twice, SCORPIANS before they went Pop, SABBATH with Ozzy & Dio, RAINBOW with Dio & without, UFO, OZZY with Randy & without, ACDC with Bon Scott & without, etc. So it’s clear that I know my classic Heavy Fuckin Metal. It is also clear that SINISTER REALM also from Allentown, PA know their classic Heavy Fuckin Metal as well. Listening to this is like a trip down memory lane. I get the urge to hold up my lighter till my finger is burned or atleast walk over to a side wall and puke like I once did in Agricultural Hall (Ag or Fag Hall for short) at the Allentown Fairgrounds during a BLUE OYSTER CULT concert.

Anyway SINISTER REALM have that classic Heavy Metal sound which reminds me a little of DIO but they beef it up with some epic Doom ala CANDLEMASS. They’re a five piece with the guitarists trading off melodic leads like the good old days. Their vocalist sounds as if he stepped out of a time machine from the year 1980. The guy’s very versatile in style kinda like a cross between Dio and Messiah. If this thing was mixed with the pops and cracks of playing vinyl I would’ve thought this was some long lost classic from that era. But then most of what Pittsburgh’s Shadow Kingdom Records sound that way. This is the band’s debut and hopefully this summer during festival season they’ll see how European audiences go crazy for their stuff because they need to be up on those stages. It’s has to be better than playing Lupo’s Beef & Ale on a Friday night in Allentown.


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