Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NOMINON – Omen MCD review

Deathgasm Records

Some people might not care for the format idea of putting out a mini CD with teaser cuts from a forth coming release but then they probably don’t remember 7”ers. Bands/Labels would put out a 7”er with one or two new songs from an upcoming LP/CD on the A-side and then have something rare on the B-side. Alot of times the 7”ers were on colored vinyl to boot which made them perfect for collector scum. Of course sometimes it would just be two new cuts which was simply a waste of time as well as money. Seeing this practice continue today on a CD format is sort of strange with bands simply posting new cuts on Myspace or allowing a free MP3 download from their website. But then this is from Deathgasm Records whose founder Evan March is a dedicated Extreme Metal fan. He releases stuff for blood thirsty crazies who are into the physical aspect of the genre. Like a wild animal that gets its first taste of human blood. Once you get a handful of releases from Deathgasm Records you’re hooked, you are addicted and you just might take a few lives in the process of getting their stuff.

As far as NOMINON goes I got my first whiff of them with their Terra Necrosis release from 2007. The damm thing should’ve come with a warning label. Sweden’s NOMINON have been around since 1993 so it’s obvious they know their Death Metal. Here we have two new cuts which might be on their forth coming release Monumentomb plus a rerecording of “Invocations” plus one live cut, “Submit to Evil”. Now when I say “might be on their forth coming release” is because there’s a different vocalist on each track here which gives this a collector rating of ten. As far as the tracks go, the live one is ok since it has shit for a recording quality. The rerecorded “Invocations” has guitarist Juha Sulasalmi on vocals. But it’s the songs “Through Dead Dreams Door” and the title track with are true standouts. This precursor shows that their full length is going to be one brutal motherfucker.


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