Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MERRIMACK – Grey Rigorism CD review

MERRIMACK – Grey Rigorism CD
Moribund Records/Osmose Records

This French Black Metal band had one of the best releases of 2006 with Of Entropy and Life Denial. That release, also on Moribund Records, was when I got into them and since then I figured it was going to be their dark masterpiece. Here we are three years later, they have just toured the states with MARDUK and this newer one is a step above from last we met. MERRIMACK has been on a road of progression but not in a bad way which is why they’re still on Moribund and not on Candlelight. Their cruel river of pain flows underneath the feet of their French Black Metal brethren and makes them jump in fear. Grey Rigorism breaks out into varied Extreme Metal tributaries but yet keeps the waters the most blackish as possible. I heard my fair share of bands last year trying to do similar things and failing miserably. MERRIMACK makes it sound easy by laying down some very melodic Black Metal and injecting aggressive changes whether it’s some Thrashy moments, Death Metal blasts or slow Doom strolls. Sound-wise this is pure filth with a guitar sound that will melt the corpse paint off the faces of many of their contemporaries. Terrorizt has also progressed as a vocalist although I liked his throaty screaming style before. This actually came out in late 2009 and it’s unfortunate that I’ve only gotten to it now. Grey Rigorism could easily been in the end of 09 favorites list for Black Metal.

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