Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NATU SABVERATA – Existing to Ensure Your Destruction CD review

NATU SABVERATA – Existing to Ensure Your Destruction CD
Heaven and Hell Records

According to their bio this is technically a posthumous release with previously recorded material from their career. Yes I could be a little loose by using the word career but supposedly the band is making a comeback. Usually when bands plan to make one of those there’s a reason like maybe their music is now trendy or they have some unfinished business in the creative department. I’ve been working my ass off at work these past two weeks and must have dosed off. So is there a Death Grind revival going on or what? Yeah well there’s that which is decent to a point but the band adds some Groove to the music and Core elements to the vocals. In the end it sounds like a band trying to appeal to a wide audience in lieu of creating something all their own.

Some songs on here are perfect for that picking up change dance crowd. This band hails from Burlington, NC which was formerly a textile mill town before the sweatshops overseas killed em. I might’ve seen this band’s set at the 2007 NC Death Fest but then again there’s a reason I get drunk at those things. Guitarist Jacob Edwards plays like a machine but in a monotonous way plus his vocals are annoying. When he sticks with the cookie monster style he’s good but then there’s this higher pitch squeal coming through at times which is horrible. If you’re gonna use voice effects atleast make sure it doesn’t sound like someone is shoving a stick up your ass. I don’t see anyone else credited with backing vocals so I’m guessing the worst. If this is a career spanner I’d say they could toss 75% of it, keep the rest and build on the Death Grind for their future.


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