Sunday, April 24, 2011

BLUT AUS NORD - 777 Sect(s) CD review

BLUT AUS NORD - 777 Sect(s) CD
Debemur Morti Productions
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 5/5

As for me when it comes to the French Black Metal scene I'm more of a fan of the bands who exemplified a certain brand of raw vicious perverted-ness like MUTIILATION or MERRIMACK. BLUT AUS NORD is another band that ranks high in my Gaul BM favorites although their darkened perversions are not as raw. Their music is more akin to a nightmare in which you spend eternity tortured in a blackened industrial abattoir. It's not comforting at all in fact it's unnerving to the point where you're lost and at their mercy. Unfortunately BLUT AUS NORD have no mercy for you. If GODFLESH's Streetcleaner release was a factory then BLUT AUS NORD would be the Black Metal wing where many enter in but few come out, at least not in one piece. So here we have a new full length, their eighth, on a new label, their last Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue with the Stars from 2009 was on Candlelight, and it's a new trilogy being started. Another plus is that Debemur Morti is a favorite label of mine since their BM taste is always exceptional.

Much like previous works 777 - Sect(s) is divided into pieces or "Epitomes". Each Epitome carries some degree of unity keeping this whole release a structured manifest. Epitomes I and III are obviously unsettling blasts as if the maniacal machinery is running at full capacity. While sandwiched in between is Epitome II which is more of atmospheric journey within the bowels of the mechanized horror. Everything is not always what it seems on the outside. Once you're within the eerie sounding synthesizers and tortured guitar chords expose the true beauty. I found myself putting Epitome II on continuous repeat with the volume at it's peak. Great Black Metal has a way of stripping away the flesh and bone leaving just your imagination to run wild with the music. BLUT AUS NORD has always had a way of letting the listener explore that experience and this cut as well as the whole release is a prime example.

As the release continues the machine metaphors give way to the stripping of one's mind and body into tiny morsels. Epitome IV methodically dissects you apart in a dissonant doom dirge melody then scatters the pieces around into a hypnotic yet macabre puzzle. The operation goes on for a long time with various fluctuations in beats and note picked aggression. The surgeons, albeit engrossed in their work, sound like they have no regard for your humanity. Once Epitome V rolls around the music takes on a fast rebuilding tone as if a new being is in the process of creation by this machine in an image unlike what entered. BLUT AUS NORD end with Epitome VI, a rebirth of some primordial yet blackened monster unleashed upon the consumers. What proceeds this will certainly be of significance to fans of this French band's work.



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