Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MIASMAL - Self Titled CD review

MIASMAL - Self Titled CD
Dark Descent Records
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 5/5

To those of you going to MDF this year, here is a band you wanna place on your "not to miss" list. Yes I know how some people only go to check out the big names at fests and skip the unknowns because "well I never heard of em so I walked around to schmooze when they played". Well then you would be an idiot to go all the way to a fest and miss one of the best things to come out of Scandinavia in a while as far as cross pollinating of genres goes. MIASMAL are part of the new school of bands from Sweden who incorporate everything extreme (death, doom and crust but mostly death) within their sound. Call em old school Swedish death metal revisited or call it whatever the fuck you want because these guys rock like crazy people and are prepared for planetary annihilation. This is their debut full length and if you get this CD (instead of the eight song vinyl LP version co-released between Detest Records and Me Saco Un Ojo Records) then you also get the tracks from their 2008 demo and 7"er from 2010 which the good people at Dark Descent Records decided to tack on the end.

Over a year ago I read about this band, as well as many others, in a piece about all these cool younger bands coming out of Sweden playing OSDM. Remember back in the late 80s when people were asking the question what was in the water over in Sweden (mainly Oslo and Stockholm) to give rise for all of those insanely extreme sounds? This is the result of weaning the children from that first generation on NIHILIST, DISMEMBER and CARNAGE demos plus some ANTI CIMEX bootlegs. Hell if this fucking dink doesn't rip your head off then you're already headless. As I'm typing that last sentence the song "Death Mask" is playing, how perfect. "Chronicles" finishes off with a riff bonanza that should be part of the death throes of the planet. The fact is that I pushed "play" two days ago and now I'm so addicted to this that if I found my livingroom full of friends getting ready for a intervention I'd kill them all. This release has the riffs and the rhythm section plus leads which will slice your throat like getting gorerotted by piano wire. The vocalist sounds like the bastard child of L.G. Petrov. Every damm song on here, including the extra tracks, will have you thrashing about like a maniac suffering from an epiletic fit, like on "We Will Live Forever". The next you're being crushed to pulp. Either way it's all worth it.



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