Sunday, April 3, 2011

WOLFCHANT - Call of the Black Winds CD review

WOLFCHANT - Call of the Black Winds CD
Massacre Records
Genre: Pagan/Viking Metal
Rating: 5/5

WOLFCHANT hail from Germany, yeah I know, German Vikings? But anyway I got into this band back in 2007 with their second full length A Pagan Storm. Listening to that one was equal to spending two weeks at Club Asgard. Then in 2009 I was all stoked to get their follow-up Determined Damnation. Unfortunately that one was as much fun as pillaging with a dull battle axe. So here I am with this new one waiting to get my internal Thor on or at least I hope. So after the obligatory opening intro or prelude "Black Winds Rising", this this charges out of the boat with "Stormwolves" which is a pretty decent way to start off this dink. We're talking Battle Metal here folks and the follow-up cut "Eremit" is just as viciously warrior bent. The added keyboards gives it a more epic feel. Not only has the band added a fuller keyboard presence to their sound but there's a second vocalist in Michael Seifert (from REBELLION) who adds some clean Viking vocals. It also helps balance out Lohki’s harsh black screams.

This is the new and improved WOLFCHANT. Call of the Black Winds is just chock full of epic and heroic minded tunes that will have you running over to your neighbor's house to pillage, but leave the TV. "Black Fire" is a rowdy bastard. "Naturgewalt" is probably my favorite cut on here. I could go through every song on here and just say it's great. Everything about this release is perfect. Get your fuckin heathen on with this. Actually I like the songs better that are sung in German than the ones sung in broken English. The native language thing fits well with me when it comes to Pagan Battle Metal. You just want that authentic feel as you're blasting this and sharpening your weapon of choice. The metal element here is melodic death but WOLFCHANT, as on past releases, adds some cool folk flavor especially on "Heathen Rise". "Never Will Fall" will go over great when they play it live. Call of the Black Winds is this bands best release overall. Now if you'll excuse me while I drink some beer from a cow's horn, grab my axe and run through my neighborhood like a berzerker. Don't worry the authorities are use to it at this point in time.




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