Thursday, April 26, 2012

DEADBORN - Mayhem Maniac Machine CD review

DEADBORN - Mayhem Maniac Machine CD
Apostasy Records
Genre: Death Metal

This is the second release by Germany’s DEADBORN who not only have in their membership two former (short stint) NECROPHAGIST members (vocalist Mario Petrovic and drummer extraordinaire Slavek Foltyn) but also have a sound not too far from them. I never heard their debut Stigma Eternal which came out back in 2007 but just going by hearing this these Germans are sticking with tradition. Yeah if you can hear NECROPHAGIST you can also hear OBSCURA, slightly. Let me be the first to pose the question. Is this part of some new 1990's German tech death revival? Yes I know the penalty for that comment but I don't have a Luger to make it honorable so I'll just keep going on.

Although these guys hold true to their homeland's genre tradition they also toss in plenty of thrash elements to the arrangements. That formula makes this kinda less tech bland. On a few cuts like "Insane Motor Cortex" their packaging of influences works well with energetic riffage and Slavek Foltyn pounding away like a machine. There's also some blackened touches thrown in for good measure. "Profanatic Reanimation" is a massive attack of thick riff aggression and once again Foltyn leads the charge as a technician. The soloing throughout is kept at bay in lieu of emphasising the riffs. That's also the problem here since there's not much variety going on. Plus Mario, albeit a gruff throaty vocalist, has only one level when singing and after a few cuts it's annoying. Still with those slights Mayhem Maniac Machine is a decent release. It's the kinda thing for people who wanna grow up from the "core" but are not ready for the true guitar pyrotechnics.

Rating: 3/5



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