Monday, April 23, 2012

Scum video: SELF MADE MONSTERS live at the Caboose 1998

The SELF MADE MONSTERS were a punk rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina. They were heavily influenced by the STOOGES, G.G. ALLIN and various sixties garage punk. Their frontman Eddie Monster was larger than life and fearless. He had no problem verbally antagonizing audience members even going so far as literally attacking them. At one particular show I watched him jump off stage, run to the fuse ball table (where two guys were playing)take the fuse ball, put it in his mouth then ran back on stage. Obviously he wanted complete attention in the club focused on their performance. Another time he pulled off his belt and began whipping a guy he dared to come up on stage. I had the pleasure of seeing the SELF MADE MONSTERS a half dozen times. Each time something crazy happened. Check out the SELF MADE MONSTERS live at the Caboose Garner NC 8-14-98 at Scumfest.

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